In 2021, each of the Doc Alliance festivals has nominated one feature-length and one short film, both eligible for two respective feature and short prizes. The winner of the Doc Alliance Award has been decided by a nominated seven-member jury:

  • Pavel Sladký, Czech Republic
  • Kristoffer Hegnsvad, Denmark
  • Sandra Onana, France
  • Carolin Weidner, Germany
  • Ola Salwa, Poland
  • Vasco Câmara, Portugal
  • Simone Späni, Switzerland


The Blunder of Love

Rocco Di Mento
Germany, 2020, 84 min

Nominations (full-length films)

A young man meets a young woman and both fall for each other. A house is built, children are born, the fairy tale story of boundless love takes its course. A grandson sets out to explore the myth of his grandparents’ romance and tries to honour his deceased grandfather on film, assisted by all the surviving relatives. Not an easy undertaking when things may not have been exactly as the family tradition would have it … (DOK Leipzig)

Bless You!

Tatiana Chistova
Poland / Russia, 2020, 30 min

Nominations (short films)

Against the backdrop of Saint Petersburg’s back courtyards during the Corona lockdown, Tatiana Chistova fuses recordings of the almost empty city and calls to a municipal hotline tasked with offering help and advice, but topics range from the banal to existential questions. Elderly people in particular are affected by poverty, hunger and loneliness. Chistova highlights that in a system that neglects its weakest members, the virus is not the only threat.

Nominations (full-length films)

Gabi, Between Ages 8-13

Engeli Broberg
Sweden / Denmark, 2021, 79 min

Native Rock

Macià Florit Campins
Spain, 2021, 76 min

Zaho Zay

Maéva Ranaïvojaona, Georg Tiller
Austria / France / Madagascar, 2020, 78 min

Ji.hlava IDFF
Traces of a Landscape

Petr Záruba
Czech Republic / Italy, 2020, 67 min

Millennium Docs Against Gravity
A Black Jesus

Luca Lucchesi
Germany, 2020, 92 min

Visions du Réel
Looking for Horses

Stefan Pavlović
Netherlands / Bosnia and Herzegovina / France, 2021, 88 min

Nominations (short films)

Summer Night by the Beach

Kirsten Astrup, Maria Bordorff
Denmark, 2020, 26 min


Ricardo Moreira
Portugal, 2020, 12 min

DOK Leipzig
Bibi Must Go

Marie Zrenner, Johanna Seggelke
Germany, 2020, 29 min

Ji.hlava IDFF
Baroque Femina (Nr. 7-11)

Péter Lichter
Hungary, 2020, 16 min

Visions du Réel
The Stillness Syndrome

León Siminiani
Colombia / Spain, 2020, 30 min