Every July, the FIDMarseille —Marseille International Film Festival, offers a programme of 150 films to 25,000 spectators, in cinemas, theaters, libraries, art galleries, and in open-air theaters throughout the city. The festival selection includes a large number of world premiere. FIDMarseille has been known as one of the few places where to find contemporary cinema, documentary as well as feature films.


More than a film festival, the FIDMarseille is a veritable forum where images, words, and real-life stories intersect. The FID wishes to articulate an expanded vision of cultural activities with the goal of reaching an ever larger increasingly diverse public. A cinema that deals with reality — either in a documentary or fiction form — concerns us all. And we must raise awareness about its accessibility.

From the critical essays in the catalogue we have edited, to the publication of a daily, bilingual “Journal” during the festival, and not forgetting the organization of panel discussions, the festival intends to be an active space for public thought.

The festival’s reputation, the recognition of its artistic vision, the coherence of its programming attract journalists and professionals from all over the world.

7 days – 130 scheduled movies – 50 films in competition – 6 competitions (International competition, French competition, First film competition, CNAP competition, Flash competition, GNCR (distribution) competition) – 2900 submitted films – 16 prizes awarded.

The 34th edition of FIDMarseille will take place from 4 to 9 July 2023.


Registrations for the 34th edition of the FIDMarseille are open until March 31st, 2023 for films produced in 2022 or 2023.

Two forms are available :

  • One for shorts (under 60 minutes), whose fee is 20€
  • One for feature (equal or more than 60 minutes), whose fee is 40€


International Competition Award

French Competition Award

Georges De Beauregard International Award

Georges De Beauregard National Award

First Film Award

CNAP (National Centre For Visual Arts) Award

Flash Competition Award

Alice Guy Prize

Renaud Victor Award

Marseille Espérance Award

Highschool Award

Air France Audience Award

GNCR Award

New Award: Award for Best Actor or Actress


The FIDLab

FIDlab is a workspace around selected film projects in response to an international call, to offer directors the opportunity for dynamic meetings with producers, support funds, broadcasters, distributors.

Each year, 14 international projects are selected, without criteria of format, duration, subject, fiction and documentary, whether at the stage of writing, development or post-production.

The FIDLab takes place in two stages: after an oral and visual presentation of the projects to the professional public, a day of individual interviews is held. Different from a market or promotion forum, the FIDLab allows project leaders to give us to see images (locations, rushes, first montages) but also artistic and cinematographic influences, which will feed our apprehension of their film in the making.

In an abundant international context, the FIDLab wishes to strengthen selected projects not only according to their artistic quality and creativity, in line with the editorial line of FIDMarseille, but also their potential for international circulation and access to the market.



In partnership with the Mucem (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations)

FIDCampus is a training program designed for students and film directors coming from all over the world.

The participants will take part in sessions to analyze and criticize their own films with experts like Claire Atherton, Caroline Champetier, Nicolas Becker and others.

The FIDCampus filmmakers will also be able to watch the FIDLab presentations and enjoy the FIDMarseille program. They will attend master classes, get an overview of the funding and co-production platforms and will have specific network meetings with numerous film industry professionals.