Visions du Réel

For more than 50 years, Visions du Réel has been presenting audacious and singular works, imbued with past, present or future realities. In spring, over ten days, the Festival turns Nyon (Switzerland) into a relaxed and efficient gathering for several generations of filmmakers and artists from all over the world.


Visions du Réel, International Film Festival is one of the leading non-fiction film festivals worldwide, presenting a variety of approaches throughout its programme. It includes competitive sections – screening films in world, international or European premiere – as well as a few non-competitive ones (for instance two Ateliers and one Guest of Honor every year) for around 170 films of any length. A large number of masterclasses and screenings allows a wide audience to discover a very creative range of non-fiction films. As the screenings are always always followed by Questions and Answers, the filmmakers have the opportunity to discuss with the public.

The Industry activities, which bring over 1500 professionals are dedicated to international projects at every stage, offering a wide range of opportunities, such as co-production, funding, distribution and tutoring.

Next edition of Visions du Réel: 12. – 21. 04. 2024.


Vision du Réel 2024 is now closed for submission.


The aim of Visions du Réel, International Film Festival Nyon, is to present films that, through their formal and aesthetic choices, provide personal and singular expressions and descriptions of past, present or future realities, freely interpreting the very definition of non-fiction filmmaking and its implementation.


International Feature Film Competition
Contemporary documentary filmmaking through a selection of original and singular feature films.

  • Grand Jury Prize offered by la Mobilière
  • Special Jury Award offered by Région de Nyon
  • The Interreligious Award for a feature film from the International Competition that sheds light on issues dealing with meaning and sense of direction in life 

Burning Lights International Competition
An international competition dedicated to new vocabularies and expressions, to research and to narrative and formal experimentation (medium length and feature films). 

  • Prize in the Burning Lights Competition offered by the Canton of Vaud
  • Special Jury Award offered by la Société des Hôteliers de la Côte

National Competition
A competition dedicated to feature and medium length films (co)produced by Switzerland. 

  • Prize in the National Competition offered by SRG SSR
  • Special Jury Award in the National Competition offered by SSA/Suissimage

International Medium Length & Short Film Competition
Contemporary documentary filmmaking through a selection of original and singular medium length and short films. 

  • Prize – Medium Length Film offered by Clinique de Genolier
  • Youth Jury Award –  Medium Length Film offered by École Moser
  • Prize – Short Film offered by Fondation Goblet
  • Jury Award – Short Film offered by Mémoire Vive

Grand Angle – Audience Award
Feature films that have already wowed audiences at other festivals or that shall mark the coming year. Presented at least as Swiss premieres.

  • Audience Award in the Grand Angle Competition offered by Ville de Nyon

International Critics’ Prize – FIPRESCI Prize
To promote cinema as an art form and encourage new and young cinema, the International Federation of Film Critics awards the International Critics’ Prize – FIPRESCI Prize to a first feature film presented in the International Feature Film Competition or the Burning Lights Competition.

ZONTA Creative Support Award
Prize for a female filmmaker whose work reveals mastery and talent and calls for support for future creations.

Opening Scenes
A section dedicated to first short films or student films. The directors of the selected films are also invited in Visions du Réel to participate in a lab within the VdR–Industry framework and can compete for awards offered by our partners.

A non-competitive feature film section opening up a panorama of current practices in non-fiction filmmaking.


Dedicated to cinema professionals, VdR–Industry and its activities represent a springboard for future films to find support in every stage of their production.

For 15 years now, our Industry activities aim to underline and exalt the variety and richness of creative documentaries while providing precious networking opportunities. In particular, our goal is to facilitate both national and international collaborations and partnerships between the projects’ representatives and the professionals attending the industry events, not only for today but also in the years to come. 

Amongst other activities:

VdR–Development Lab
The VdR–Development Lab is conceived as a workshop for the development of projects from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. It offers the directors and producers the opportunity to be tutored through the development-phase in order to more easily reach and access the international market.

VdR–Pitching is an international co-production and financing forum that reveals a selection of feature length projects. Ready to be launched in production, they combine artistic ambition and international potential.

VdR–Work in Progress
VdR–Work in Progress is a showcase that puts spotlight on upcoming creative documentaries in their finishing stage. Excerpts are shown in order to seek distribution opportunities, think about festival strategies and post-production funds.

VdR–Rough Cut Lab
VdR–Rough Cut Lab is a workshop that presents a selection of feature length projects at a finishing stage. It is a springboard for creative documentaries that are seeking specific feedback and advice on their most up-to-date rough cut.

VdR–Film Market
The Film Market is an online platform that offers key industry professionals the opportunity to view a selection of new creative documentaries. All accredited professionals are able to watch films of Visions du Réel’s Official Selection, Partner’s Collections as well as many more unreleased documentaries.

VdR–Industry Talks
VdR–Industry Talks is a panel of discussions inviting various protagonists of the film industry to get together and exchange ideas and opinions around important issues. Always revolving around the latest burning questions in the field, the talks represent a crucial moment of confrontation and interaction, an opportunity to lay everything on the table and unfold the most urgent topics step by step.

Switzerland Meets…
Switzerland Meets… is a unique opportunity for Swiss producers and representatives of public funds and television to meet a delegation from another region/country, and to encourage co-production, networking and collaboration. 


VdR at School: the VOD platform for schools
Visions du Réel launched a VOD platform in November 2020 intended for Swiss schools all year round. VdR at School means to contribute to pupils’ simultaneous initiation into documentary film, moving images and the multiple realities of the contemporary world. The films on the platform are accessible to pupils in the “Secondaire” levels, classed by subject and academic fields, and accompanied by educational material and ideas for activities to undertake around the film screening.

New Generation
New Generation offers the possibility for film classes* (art schools, universities, film or visual art options within secondary school, etc.) to actively participate in the Festival from afar with a customised programme. All the films of the official selection, pathways through the programme, Q&A with the filmmakers, thematic discussions from our broadcasting studio and Masterclasses with our prestigious guests, is available online.