Jan Bušta
Czech Republic, 2022, 77 min

Ji.hlava IDFF

A never-ending flow of words coming from the fanatical leader of the sect culminates in the drinking of poison. A thousand faithful commit ritual suicide, the biggest in modern times. These dramatic moments in 1978 were caught on tape which bore witness to the event. On that basis a film experiment came to pass in which the sect members are represented by children and their leader is a youth who is transformed in front of the camera into a seven years older I. In his debut film, Jan Bušta, brings us an electrifying experience of demagogy and manipulation. a-B-C-D-e-F-G-H-i-JONESTOWN is also a cinephile tribute to film experiment milestones, “demagogically manipulating” with all elements of film narration and audience’s expectations.