Nikola Spasic
Serbia, 2022, 90 min


Kristina lives comfortably alone in a handsome old house. She collects antiques and recently installed two richly carved doors commissioned from a local craftsman. One of her two phones is reserved for clients, to whom she can propose classic sex or other services. Leaving therapy one evening, Kristina meets Marko in the doorway walking a dog that is not his own. A few days later, when Kristina stops to pick up her friend Jelena, Marko taps on the window of her car and remarks on what a good companion she is traveling with, referring to the small antique cross on the passenger seat. Marko was arriving to help a friend who lives in the apartment Kristina used to rent in Jelena’s building. The new tenant knows her name, but Kristina wonders whether he knows everything about her and what she does for a living. Kristina tries to make sense of the repeated meetings with Marko. Could he be a figment of her imagination or are they kindred spirits?