Southern Belle

Nicolas Peduzzi
France, 2017, 86 min


Cherished daughter of ex-baseball player turned successful business man, Taelor, age 26, grew up in a gilded cage in Houston, Texas. Living in the heart of this doomed city, Taelor is a free-spirited woman, trying to get through life by relentlessly dealing with her own wounds, paradoxes and fantasies. At 15 years old, the violent and sudden death of her father tolls the bell of an idyllic childhood and drags her into a life of drug-abuse, guns and madness, all stemming from the inherent violence and recklessness of those houstonian rich and white ghettos. This portrait brings us into a life of permanent deconstruction in this fantasized, opulent and lonesome America where Trump is seen as the ultimate savior of this lost and yet so young generation.