Starting in 2008, the seven documentary festivals in Doc Alliance have nominated seven films for the prestigious Doc Alliance Award.

This annual competition was founded in 2008, intended for first and second feature films of emerging filmmakers. The Doc Alliance chose to emphasise the vitality and originality of these films as potential recipients of the prize with the knowledge that 70 per cent of filmmakers do not follow up on their feature-length debut with a second film firmly in their mind. This competition is therefore an important support system for emerging talents to continue on in their film career, both helping bolster their position as artists seeking financial support for upcoming films and in helping their work reach new audiences at home and abroad.

Nowadays, each of the Doc Alliance festivals (as well as the guest festival) nominates one feature-length and one short film, both eligible for two respective feature and short prizes. The winner of the Doc Alliance Award is decided by a jury comprised of critics, distributors, programmers or other important figures in the film industry.

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The Gate

Jasmin Herold, Michael David Beamish
Germany, 2023, 88 min

getty abortions

Franzis Kabisch
Germany, Austria, 2023, 21 min

Three Women

Maksym Melnyk
Germany, 2022, 85 min

Why My Mum Loves Russell Crowe

Emma van den Berg
United Kingdom, Netherlands, 2022, 25 min


Ole Jacobs, Arne Büttner
Germany, 2021, 120 min

Light Years

Monika Proba
Poland, 2021, 28 minutes

winner 2021
The Blunder of Love

Rocco Di Mento
Germany, 2020, 84 min

Bibi Must Go

Marie Zrenner, Johanna Seggelke
Germany, 2020, 29 min

Never Whistle Alone

Marco Ferrari
Italy, 2019, 74 min

Cinema Morocco

Ricardo Calil
Brazil, 2018, 76 min

Granny Project

Bálint Révész
Hungary, 2017, 90 min


Tatyana Chistova
Russia / Poland, 2016, 63 min

Train to Adulthood

Klára Trencsényi
Hungary, 2015, 79 min